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ARUP Labs, ASI enter multi-year collaboration

Dec. 6, 2016Applied Spectral Imaging has entered into a collaboration with ARUP Laboratories to facilitate the development and commercialization of advanced digital pathology solutions enhancing workflow efficiencies and simplifying the management and accessibility of clinical data.

This collaboration aims to bring to pathology, cytogenetics, and research labs novel image quality and robust analysis algorithms that resolve the bottleneck of image analysis. The developed imaging platform will also transform the way pathologists deliver professional services from remote locations, according to a company statement.

“The collaboration with ASI will provide state-of-the-art pathology practice at ARUP and its delivery to ARUP’s clients,” said Mohamed Salama, MD, chief of hematopathology at ARUP Laboratories and professor of pathology at the University of Utah. “ARUP’s increasing pathology sample volumes require advanced workflow efficiencies, as well as creative data management and accessibility solutions. These collaboratively developed, novel tools will enable improved efficiency and enhance accuracy. ARUP is one of the pioneers in early digital pathology adoption and is always seeking to leverage the use of technology with commitment to improved patient care.”

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