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Beckman rolls out DxH 900 hematology analyzer

May 2, 2018Beckman Coulter announced the release of the DxH 900 hematology analyzer, designed to provide mid- to high-volume clinical laboratories with the ability to perform complete blood count and white blood cell differential tests with minimal repeats. The system’s core technologies, including the enhanced Coulter Principle, VCS 360, and DataFusion, offer high-resolution analysis of cells in their near-native states, providing a precise cellular assessment for red blood cell, platelet, and white blood cell test results on the first pass.

The DxH 900 demonstrates 93 percent first-pass throughput, providing accurate flagging and reducing the number of slide reviews. It has a lean reagent portfolio, which includes four reagents, and a small footprint.

“The DxH 900 hematology analyzer is an example of our commitment to the voice of the customer. We had over 100 of our customers view prototypes, and we enhanced our designs based on their input. Truly, the DxH 900 was designed by customers for customers,” said Peter Soltani, PhD, SVP and general manager of the hematology business at Beckman Coulter. “The suite of technologies is intended to help laboratories deliver quality results for fast, accurate clinical decision-making. At the same time, the system includes automated solutions that streamline the number of procedural steps needed to produce those results, offering predictable performance and greater laboratory efficiency.”

The DxH 900 is for sale in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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