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POC testing management and integration

Dec. 2, 2016—A new white paper from Orchard Software titled “Point-of-care Testing: The Great Boom Ahead” discusses the history of …

What pharmacogenomics can make possible

Oct. 5, 2016—Clinical laboratories and pathology groups ought to master the emerging areas of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics that open the …

Learn about molecular testing for M. pneumoniae

Sept. 14, 2016—Donna Mayne, the microbiology, serology, and molecular laboratory manager at Sacred Heart Health System in Pensacola, Fla., outlines …

How Zika interferes with normal fetal development

Aug. 29, 2016—An Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine study analyzes evidence from nine postmortem examinations and related studies of …

How pathologists can lead in value-based care

Aug. 19, 2016—Pathologists have an opportunity to thrive and be health care team leaders in the coming world of accountable …

IHC testing’s impact on skin cancer

May 18, 2016—A free webinar sponsored by Sigma-Aldrich will review the utility of immunohistochemical testing with markers such as S-100, …

Managing molecular information in the lab

March 17, 2016—As molecular technology and personalized medicine increasingly becomes the default position for clinical diagnostics laboratories, these modalities place …

How to improve infectious disease management

Feb. 17, 2016—Two microbiology leaders will take part in a live, online panel discussion, “Tackling the U.S. Healthcare System’s Infectious …

How labs can show their value in 2016

Dec. 9, 2015—A Jan. 13 webinar hosted by Orchard Software will explore how laboratories can embrace the transformation taking place …

A roadmap for pathology education

Dec. 7, 2015—An editorial in the Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, co-written by Donald Henson, MD, and Philip Grimley, …