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AdvantEdge acquires PMI, 5/18

May 2018—AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, a medical billing company, has acquired Professional Management, Inc., a Baltimore-based medical billing company that provides billing services to pathology, radiology, and emergency medicine physician groups.

CMS extends coverage of Oncomine Dx test, 5/18

May 2018—Thermo Fisher Scientific announced its Oncomine Dx Target Test has been approved for coverage by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as part of the agency’s national coverage determination for next-generation sequencing in vitro diagnostic tests.

ArcherDx, Ambry Genetics partnership, 5/18

May 2018—ArcherDx and Ambry Genetics announced a partnership in which Ambry will provide biopharma sequencing services using ArcherDx’s next-generation sequencing assays. Ambry Genetics will utilize Archer Immunoverse and VariantPlex NGS assays to provide large-scale immune repertoire analysis and chimeric antigen receptor T-cell manufacturing characterization and pharmacodynamics to biopharma customers.

Liquid biopsy for differential diagnosis of early stage lung cancer, 5/18

May 2018—Integrated Diagnostics announced the e-publication of full results of a large prospective clinical trial validating its Xpresys Lung 2 in Chest, titled “Assessment of plasma proteomics biomarker’s ability to distinguish benign from malignant lung nodules: results of the PANOPTIC (PulmonAry NOdule Plasma proTeomIc Classifier) trial”.

sFLC assays for multiple myeloma testing, 5/18

May 2018—Sebia launched two CE-marked serum free light chain assays, Sebia FLC Kappa and Sebia FLC Lambda, for multiple myeloma testing. The two assays aim to provide more consistent results by overcoming the challenges in analytical performance and coherence encountered in current testing methods.

Agena, Simceredx to develop companion dx, 5/18

May 2018—Agena Bioscience and Simcere Diagnostics signed a strategic partnership agreement to expand the use of Agena’s Mass­Array System for companion diagnostics and pharmacogenetic testing in China.

Erythroferrone ELISA kit, 5/18

May 2018—Intrinsic LifeSciences released its Erythroferrone IE ELISA kit for research use only. It is designed for quantification of human erythroferrone in serum and does not contain mercaptoethanol or azide- or mercury-based preservatives.

Thermo Fisher acquires IntegenX, 5/18

May 2018—Thermo Fisher Scientific has acquired IntegenX, a forensic DNA testing firm. IntegenX products include the RapidHIT platforms, software analysis tools, and related consumables that are compatible with Thermo Fisher’s short tandem repeat chemistries for human identification.

Randox teams up with Bosch, 5/18

May 2018—Randox Laboratories unveiled Vivalytic, a molecular diagnostics platform, with Bosch Healthcare Solutions at the 28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, April 21–24, in Madrid.