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Heparin test kit for Stago STA analyzers, 3/18

March 2018—LGC Maine Standards announced the release of its Validate Heparin linearity and calibration verification kit. The Validate Heparin kit evaluates heparin anti-Xa activity in a human plasma matrix and is prepared using CLSI’s EP06-A recommended equal delta method for linearity testing.

Discovery Teal HRP chromogen detection kit, 3/18

March 2018—Roche launched the Discovery Teal HRP kit, a modular-based detection kit to identify and profile biomarkers and cell populations in tissue-based research.

WHO awards prequalification to Aptima assay, 3/18

March 2018—Hologic announced that its CE-marked Aptima HIV-1 Quant Dx assay has been awarded World Health Organization prequalification for in vitro diagnostics.

Inova launches next-gen EIA/IFA processor, 3/18

March 2018—Inova Diagnostics announced the launch of its Quanta-Lyser 3000, a fully automated enzyme-linked immunoassay and immunofluorescence assay processor for use in clinical laboratories.

cfDNA reference standard for EGFR mutations, 3/18

March 2018—Horizon Discovery launched its EGFR Multiplex cfDNA Reference Standard. The cell line-derived EGFR multiplex cell-free DNA reference standard allows laboratories and assay developers to optimize, validate, and routinely monitor performance of polymerase chain reaction–based tests, next-generation sequencing, and other novel assays designed to detect EGFR mutations from cfDNA.

Confocal laser scanning microscope, 3/18

March 2018—Olympus announced the availability of the FV3000 confocal laser scanning microscope in two upright models designed for in vitro and in vivo experiments.

Thermo Fisher unveils line of NGS instruments, 3/18

March 2018—Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the Ion GeneStudio S5 Series, a line of benchtop next-generation sequencing instruments that provides flexibility and scalability enabled by five Ion S5 chips, including the new Ion 550 chip, on a single platform. Research applications include cancer, inherited disease, and microbial and infectious diseases.

FDA-cleared Access AMH immunoassay, 3/18

March 2018—Beckman Coulter Diagnostics announced FDA clearance of its automated Access AMH immunoassay for in vitro diagnostic use. This test aids health care providers in the assessment of a woman’s ovarian reserve and helps guide the clinical management of women struggling with infertility or planning to become pregnant later in life.

Genoptix to acquire Rosetta Genomics, 3/18

March 2018—Genoptix and Rosetta Genomics announced they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Genoptix will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Rosetta Genomics for a total gross purchase price of $10 million.