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Frontline dispatches from the burnout battle

June 2018—Bryan Bohman, MD, doesn’t spend his days wandering the Bay Area handing out buttons that read “Lift people, not the bottom line.” But don’t rule this out as a possibility someday, either.

For one laboratory, a workflow transformation

June 2018—“Form follows function” is a famous design principle, coined by an architect. But in the health care system and elsewhere, perfect matches between form and function are scarce.

NGS to take top spot as cancer biomarker testing broadens

June 2018—For biomarker testing and tissue conservation, all roads lead to next-generation sequencing, says Boaz Kurtis, MD, laboratory and medical director of Cancer Genetics in Los Angeles.

Questions about frozen tissue, preanalytic variables, tumor content

June 2018—Boaz Kurtis, MD, laboratory and medical director of Cancer Genetics in Los Angeles, took the following questions from attendees at a webinar on NGS in routine non-small cell lung cancer biomarker testing.

Satisfaction high with new automated AMH assays

June 2018—Testing for anti-müllerian hormone got a boost in 2017 when the year began and ended with the FDA clearing the first two fully automated AMH assays from Roche and Beckman Coulter.

Core needle biopsy of the breast: cases and cautions

June 2018—With core needle biopsies of the breast, if something looks like an epithelial malignancy, ask yourself: Is it really a carcinoma? If it is a carcinoma, ask yourself if it is a primary breast carcinoma.

Instrument acquisition, skilled labor on the table: Makers of chemistry, immunoassay analyzers answer our questions

June 2018—Broad menus, efficient workflows, single platforms, rural labs, cybersecurity, and economics are some of what one CEO and three marketing and product managers talked to CAP TODAY about when we spoke to four companies whose analyzers are profiled in the product guide.

New reference guide for ultrasound-guided FNA

June 2018—New reference guide for ultrasound-guided FNA CAP Press released last month a new reference guide, Ultrasound Features of Superficial and Palpable Lesions. It’s small and spiral bound and has a laminated cover and tabs for easy reference. There are 375 images and illustrations in the guide’s 200 pages, a sampling of which are displayed on this page.

Skirting the pitfalls of merging lab results

May 2018—“One of these things is not like the others” is a fun puzzle for kids in the context of Sesame Street. But it can be a vexing informatics challenge when you are managing data entered in fields in a database. For anyone charged with merging outside laboratory results into an institution’s electronic health record alongside results from an in-house laboratory, the differences can generate no end of headaches.

New contender speeds ID with susceptibility testing

May 2018—If a seismic shift were to happen in microbiology, the technology behind the Accelerate Pheno system and PhenoTest BC test kit, which won FDA approval last year as a rapid pathogen identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) system for blood cultures, could well be the cause.