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Clostridium difficile in the Community Setting:
Epidemiology and Diagnostic Implications

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• Identify the laboratory diagnostic options for C. difficile …

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Comparison of Automated Platforms for STI Testing

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The lab of tomorrow:
A case study in scaling molecular diagnostics


Focus on FilmArray: One new technology applied to classic clinical problems

This webinar will empower you to comprehend multiplex arrays, understand the state of the art, and gain unrivalled insight into the future.

The role of special stains in the era of molecular diagnostics

Learn about the growing role of special stains in molecular diagnostics in a new webinar featuring Guadalupe Manriquez, MD, principal pathologist at Ventana Medical Systems, and moderated by CAP TODAY publisher Bob McGonnagle.

Breast cancer diagnostics: Present and future in the AP lab

Learn about best practices, biomarkers, and technologies in a free webinar featuring Anthony M. Magliocco, MD, chair, Anatomic Pathology Department, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Fla., and M. Elizabeth Hammond, MD, professor of pathology and adjunct professor of internal medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine, and moderated by CAP TODAY publisher Bob McGonnagle.

VITEK MS: Changing the Face of Clinical Microbiology

VITEK® MS Maldi-Tof represents a revolutionary change. This system offers ease-of-use, very little technical time, no pre-extraction or preparation steps and generates rapid results of extremely high accuracy. As a primary investigator in studies that led to the FDA clearance of VITEK MS, Dr. Ginocchio will review the clinical trial performance data, and present case studies illustrating the value of rapid diagnosis using mass spectrometry.

Laboratory Market Trends & Recruitment

Presented by Bob McGonnagle, Bernardo Arroyo, Heather Koitzsch, Stevena Joseph, and Tara Sanft.
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Capitalize on Market Trends Webinar

Presented by Bob McGonnagle and Susan Griffith
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