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Digital pathology association stands behind FDA’s approval of marketing whole slide imaging system

April 13, 2017—The Digital Pathology community is in full support of the FDA’s landmark announcement that Philips Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) system, IntelliSite, can be marketed for primary diagnosis. This technology facilitates review of digital surgical pathology slides with remote sign out capabilities, and poses a significant benefit to both pathologists and patients alike.

“The clearance for Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution is a major milestone in pathology in the U.S. and is revolutionary in medicine,” said Esther Ables, Chair of the Regulatory Task Force with the Digital Pathology Association (DPA). “PIPS is not only developed with aim to increase efficiency and to promote collaboration, it is also the stepping stone towards computational pathology with the purpose to improve diagnostic accuracy, precision and in the end, patient care.”

Since 2013, the DPA has collaborated with the FDA to push for the adoption of WSI technology in the industry. Looking toward the future, the DPA hopes that the industry will take note of Phillips’ accomplishment, and will continue to contribute to the widespread adoption of WSI technology.

“This validates the hard work of so many people who have committed time and resources to bring this technology into being,” said Eric Glassy, MD, President of the DPA. “Congratulations to the Philips team, and we hope that other vendors will quickly follow in their virtual footsteps.”

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