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Digital pathology consultation portal

March 31, 2017Inspirata has launched a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant Consultation Portal that makes it possible for cancer institutions to share the expertise of their pathology subspecialists to provide second opinions on domestic and international cases. The portal also makes it possible to manage and share cases for quality assurance reviews.

The portal, which is customizable for both the sending and receiving institutions, enables the receiving institution’s pathologists to review digital pathology images and case details on complex cases uploaded from partner institutions anywhere in the world. The consulting pathologist can then review the case and communicate with the sending physician via email alerts and messages, including providing amendments after the case is signed out.

Partner institution physicians who want to submit a case for review can log into their institution’s portal to create and manage cases for consultation, identifying the type of subspecialist review required and/or selecting the specific subspecialty pathologist they want to review their case. Physicians then upload whole slide image files along with other diagnostic images, case notes, and additional relevant patient information and files. Payment can be made within the Consultation Portal on a per-slide or per-case basis through an integration with Payum or through the consulting institution’s billing system.

The Consultation Portal can be a standalone solution or acquired as part of Inspirata’s end-to-end digital pathology workflow solution.

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