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Genoptix, Bionano Genomics strategic alliance

July 7, 2017Genoptix and Bionano Genomics announced an exclusive agreement to co-develop information-rich diagnostics for selected hematologic oncology indications in the United States using Bionano’s Saphyr system.

The Saphyr system accurately visualizes the structure of a genome from a simple DNA sample isolated directly from cancer cells, removing the need for cell culture. It allows for the detection of all major types of structural variants with a sensitivity greater than sequencing-based methods and with a much higher resolution than karyotyping or fluorescence in situ hybridization can provide, according to the company.

The development efforts will focus on indications within hematology-oncology in which detection of large structural variations of the genome is required for accurate diagnosis. Cancer cells typically show a large number of major rearrangements of the genome, and their presence or absence can affect the characteristics of the tumor and its response to treatment and to direct clinical care.

“We are excited about working with the leader in hematologic cancers. This alliance is a major milestone for Bionano, showing the potential of the Saphyr system for clinical analysis of cancer genomes. Bionano’s approach allows for the entire genome to be analyzed without the use of specific probes to detect variants of interest. Variants of clinical significance discovered in the future can easily be added to an assay without the need to develop additional detection tools,” Erik Holmlin, chief executive officer of Bionano, said in a statement.

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