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IL launches GemWeb Plus 500

Aug. 10, 2017Instrumentation Laboratory launched its customized connectivity solution, GemWeb Plus 500, to hospitals and hospital networks around the world. From a single dashboard, GemWeb Plus 500 offers complete control of Gem Premier critical care testing systems, including Gem Premier 5000 with Intelligent Quality Management 2, as well as connectivity to non-IL-manufactured devices at the point of care. Expanding on the original GemWeb Plus platform, GemWeb Plus 500 is accessible from tablet devices, PCs, and any networked analyzer.

Seamlessly integrating control of analyzers, test results, and operators into one system, GemWeb Plus 500 aims to simplify and centralize point-of-care testing management. Users can monitor iQM2 and iQM, including detection, correction, and documentation of corrective actions in real time. Facilitating accreditation, GemWeb Plus 500 automates multilevel operator authorization and full traceability of users, actions, and competency certification.

“GemWeb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity addresses the challenge of managing point-of-care testing in hospitals today. Combining test results, analyzer, and operator data, it offers lab managers and point-of-care coordinators real-time control from anywhere, anytime, as well as seamless accreditation support,” Giovanni Russi, VP of worldwide marketing at IL, said in a statement. “Together with our new Gem Premier 5000 system, GemWeb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity delivers a complete critical care testing solution for improved patient care and efficiency.”

GemWeb Plus 500 supports integration with hospital information systems, laboratory information systems, and electronic medical records. Connectivity to Rotem, Hemochron, and other IL systems is currently in development.

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