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IVD adoption could save NHS nearly $8 billion

June 20, 2018—Research commissioned by Innovate UK and the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association indicated that the UK’s National Health Service could save more than £6.9 billion ($8 billion) in five years if it adopted three in vitro diagnostic tests.

The report, written by Aquarius Population Health, said that tests for heart attack, preeclampsia, and inflammatory bowel disease would benefit patients by “reducing unnecessary procedures and medication while delivering significant NHS savings,” according to a joint release from Innovate UK and BIVDA. The report notes that experts have forecast a shortfall in NHS funding of “at least £22 billion” [$25.5 billion] by 2022 and calls on health care leaders and policymakers to reassess how these tests and other diagnostic technologies could be better deployed within the NHS.

“There are so many innovative diagnostic tests on the market and in development. It’s important for all stakeholders that we take every opportunity to rapidly adopt tests which show cost savings and benefit to patients,” Kath Mackay, PhD, Innovate UK interim director for Ageing Society, Health & Nutrition, said in the release.

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