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In next-gen sequencing,
panel versus exome

January 2016—As next-generation sequencing takes its place in clinical laboratory medicine, a difference is developing between its use when there is a defined phenotype, as with hereditary oncology syndromes or hereditary cardiovascular disorders, and its use in diagnosing hereditary developmental disorders. In oncology, targeted panels remain the optimal mode of application. Read story.

View and compare next-generation sequencing instruments


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Making a smooth pivot to
point-of-care IQCP

May 2016—Practically speaking, there’s a limit to the number of balls a human can juggle. And there’s probably a limit to how complex a quality control plan a point-of-care testing coordinator can handle. Last year, many POC coordinators felt that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would be pushing that limit pretty hard with its new Individualized Quality Control Plan. Read story.

View and compare coagulation analyzers—
point of care, self-monitoring