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Beckman Coulter, UniCel DxC 600 (Chemistry 2015)

Beckman Coulter, UniCel DxC 600 (Chemistry 2015)

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Contact Information

Chemistry analyzer for mid-volume laboratory
Beckman Coulter
Steve Ishii
250 S. Kraemer Boulevard
Brea, CA 92821

Name of instrument/First year sold in U.S. UniCel DxC 600/2004
List price/Total No. sold in 2014 $261,000/278
Number of units in clinical use in U.S./Outside U.S. >1,250/>2,400
Where designed/Manufactured/Where reagents manufactured U.S./U.S./U.S. and Ireland
Operational type/Reagent type continuous random access/open reagent system
Sample handling system/Model type racks, centrifugable/floor standing
Dimensions in inches (H x W x D)/Footprint in square feet 62 × 62 × 41/17.7
Number of tests for which analyzer has FDA-cleared applications >100
Tests released for clinical use in last 12 months 3
Tests cleared but not released for clinical use
Tests not available in U.S. but submitted for 510(k) clearance
Tests not available in U.S. but available in other countries
Research-use-only assays
Tests in development anti-CCP
Methodologies supported/immunoassay methodologies photometry, potentiometry, near-infrared bidentate turbidimetric/particle enhanced turbidimetric, enzyme immunoassay, near-infrared particle immunoassay
Number of direct ion-selective electrode channels 5
Number of different measured assays onboard simultaneously 65
Number of different assays programmed and calibrated at once 100
Number of user-definable (open) channels/Number active simultaneously 100/65
Number of different analytes for which system accommodates reagent containers onboard at once/Tests per container set 65/about 3,500 modular; about 600 cartridges
Shortest/Median onboard reagent stability/Refrigerated onboard 7 days/30 days/yes (2°–8°C)
Multiple reagent configurations supported yes
Reagent container placed directly on system for use yes
Instrument has same capabilities when third-party reagents used no
Walkaway capacity in minutes/Specimens/Tests or assays 83/132/5,280
Uses disposable cuvettes/Maximum number stored no/80
Uses washable cuvettes/Replacement frequency yes/2-year warranty, semipermanent
Minimum sample volume aspirated precisely at one time 3 µL
Supplied with UPS (backup power)/Requires floor drain optional/no
Requires dedicated water system/Water consumption per hour yes/16 L
Noise generated in decibels 60
Dedicated pediatric sample cup/Dead volume yes/40 µL
Primary tube sampling/Pierces caps on primary tubes yes/yes
Sample bar-code reading capability/Autodiscrimination yes, on sample transport, shortly before sample is aspirated (2 of 5 interleaved, Codabar, codes 39 and 128)/yes
Reagent bar-code reading capability yes
Bar code placement per CLSI standard Auto2A yes
Onboard test auto inventory (determines volume in container) yes
Measures number of tests remaining/Short sample detection/Clot detection yes/yes/yes
Hemolysis/Turbidity detection-quantitation yes/yes
Sample volume can be reduced yes
Increased to rerun out-of-linear-range high/low results yes
Autocalibration or autocalibration alert yes
Calibrants stored onboard/Multipoint calibration supported no/yes
Typical calib. frequency for ISE/Metabolites/Therapeutic drugs/Drugs of abuse 1 day/up to 90 days/up to 60 days/14 days
Automatic shutdown programmable/Startup programmable none required
Stat time to completion of all analytes and throughput per hour for:
• Sodium, potassium, chloride, TC02 6.15 min. from standby, 96 specimens
• Sodium, potassium, chloride, TC02, glucose, urea, creatinine 6.15 min. from standby, 96 specimens
• Albumin, direct and total bilirubin, AST, ALT, ALP 13.07 min. from standby, 57 specimens
Typical time delay from ordering stat test to aspiration of sample 16 seconds
How often QC required/Onboard SW capability to review QC 24 hours/yes
Onboard real-time QC/Support multiple QC lot numbers per analyte yes/yes
System can automatically transfer QC results to LIS yes
Data management capability/Instrument vendor supplies LIS interface onboard and optional add-on (SW manufacturer: Beckman Coulter)/yes (additional cost)
Interfaces to what LISs up and running in active user sites Cerner, Misys, Meditech, Citation, MedLab, CHC, Siemens, McKesson, Labquest, CCA, VA-Mumps
Bidirectional interface capability yes (broadcast download and host query)
Uses LOINC to transmit orders and results across interface yes
How labs get LOINC codes for reagent kits via e-mail
Interface available (or will be) to automated specimen-handling system yes, Beckman Coulter automation
Modem servicing available/System can diagnose own malfunctions/System can determine malfunctioning component yes/yes/yes
On-site time of service engineer metro: same day, rural: same or next day
Mean time between failures/Mean time to repair failures
Average time to complete maintenance by lab personnel daily: none; weekly: 7 minutes (tech time); monthly: 11 minutes (tech time)
Onboard maintenance records/Maintenance training demo module yes (includes audit trail)/yes
Training provided with instrument purchase 5 days at company offices
Distinguishing features (provided by vendor) closed-tube sampling; serum indices/polychromatic correction; clot detection and correction; centrifugable racks, no-wait autoloader; calibration data provided on disk; Peltier ring with semipermanent glass cuvettes; pulsed Xenon lamp; intuitive operator software; Remisol Advance Data Manager: stat notification, review by exception, reflex testing, add-on test notification
Note: a dash in lieu of an answer means company did not answer question or question is not applicable