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Data Innovations, Instrument Manager (Middleware systems 2013)

Data Innovations, Instrument Manager (Middleware systems 2013)

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Contact Information

Data Innovations
Sales Department
120 Kimball Ave., Suite 100
South Burlington, VT 05403

Name of middleware system Instrument Manager
Products that middleware connects to LIS chemistry/hematology/immunology lab instruments, microbiology instruments, AP devices/instruments (to AP LIS), POC testing instruments, departmental or total lab automation systems, others
First ever middleware installation/Most recent installation* 1993/February 2013
Last update of middleware system March 2013
No. of contracts for sites operating middleware 3,782
• U.S. contracts/Foreign contracts (countries) 3,007/775 (in 74 countries)
• No. of these contracts signed in calendar-year 2012 356
No. of sites operating middleware/Percent of business that is middleware 4,213/100%
No. of employees in firm/In middleware development, install, support 100/47
Provide list of client sites to potential customers on request yes (list of comparable sites, with client approval)
Hardware platforms Windows PC, servers, virtualized servers
• Proprietary hardware required no
Software platforms Windows XP, 2003 server, 2008 server (32 bit and 64 bit), Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit operating systems)
Fault-tolerant solutions/Hardware must be purchased from company yes/no
Middleware software or drivers can operate in virtual hardware environment yes
Databases used or supported InterSystems Caché
No. of results/orders that can be stored in database limited only by storage capacity/limited only by storage capacity
Middleware can interface with instruments from any manufacturer yes
Types of data middleware can receive, store, transmit alpha numeric, image, TXT reports, PDF, others
No. of instruments one middleware device can support unlimited
Protocols middleware supports to interface to instruments multiple HL7, ANSI SQL, XML, ASTM, proprietary, Web services, file import/export, ODBC, others
Low-level transport middleware supports to interface to instruments serial RS232, serial USB, TCP/IP, FTP, ODBC, others
Middleware can send results to and receive orders from reference labs yes (Quest, LabCorp, ARUP, Mayo Clinic, others)
LIS/HIS/EMR interfaces for receiving orders Epic, McKesson, Cerner, Siemens, Sunquest, Meditech, GE, Wyndgate, Healthland, others
LIS/HIS/EMR interfaces for sending results Epic, McKesson, Cerner, Siemens, Sunquest, Meditech, GE, Wyndgate, Healthland, others
No. of diff. host system connections that can operate at once on middleware unlimited
Protocols middleware supports to interface to other systems multiple HL7, ANSI ODBC/SQL, XML, ASTM, others
Middleware can be configured to automatically forward reportable diseases  and other data to public health surveillance systems yes
Human languages (other than English) middleware supports all known languages
• Multiple languages can be used at same time on one system yes
Middleware supports local date and time formats yes
No. of users that can access middleware at once unlimited
No. of user security levels middleware supports unlimited (user defined)
Middleware supports compound nested rules with multiple event actions yes
• Multiple event actions fired from one “if” condition statement yes
Programming or script language required to write rules no
Full and persistent audit trail of rule execution/System supports rules testing yes/yes
Rule sets applied to individual instruments or connections yes
Data from external databases retrieved and incorporated in rules processing yes
Rules test cases created, saved, used on demand for rules validation testing yes
System supports event notification yes
System user notified of rules-based events/Notification methods supported yes/pop-up windows, e-mail, pager, others
Automation routes determined by user-defined rules yes
Middleware supports test-based load balancing across instruments yes
Events that lead to automation routes being dynamically updated new test requests, reflex test requests, instrument down, deletion or revision of test requests and results
Audit trail of route a sample has taken yes
Laboratory automation system interfaces Beckman, Ortho, Abbott, Roche, Sysmex, others
Middleware interfaces with noninstrument automation devices yes
Back-end specimen storage and retrieval tracking yes
System allows management of inst. & automation device maintenance records yes
• System provides alerts when an instrument needs maintenance yes
System provides LIS downtime functions/System allows manual order entry yes/yes
System generates downtime specimen ID/Algorithm for ID user definable yes/yes
Quality control module/Interfaces to third-party quality control packages yes/yes (Bio-Rad, Thermo Scientific, others)
System supports multi-rule quality control yes
System supports moving averages or average of normals yes
Users can customize screens/Users can define custom fields yes/yes
Users can populate custom fields via user-defined rules yes
Screen has image support for any type of image yes
Users can design own reports/Report-generation software used yes/any ODBC compliant, internal proprietary
LOINC can be used to ID tests when communicating with LIS yes
Methods by which users can tailor middleware in their own setting scripting, ad hoc query tools, others
Types of system training available/On-site consulting classroom, on-site, e-learning, Web based/yes
Smallest cost for hardware/software/annual maintenance —/$3,095/$557.10
Largest cost for hardware/software/annual maintenance —/$897,000/$161,460
Fee for additional users $1,650
Cost for cloud-based or similar products/services
Distinguishing features of middleware (supplied by company)

• workflow solutions for multiple lab disciplines affecting areas beyond results production
• affordable for small clinics, yet scalable for large labs
• intuitive solutions and comprehensive services to support clients and augment available resources

*based on January 2013 survey deadline Note: a dash in lieu of an answer means company did not answer question or question is not applicable
Tabulation does not represent an endorsement by the College of American Pathologists.