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Quantitative, single cell PD-L1 assay

March 29, 2017IncellDx released the OncoTect iO Quantitative, Single Cell PD-L1 Assay, for research use only. The test kit includes labeled antibodies to PD-L1 and CD45, CD8, CD3 cell subsets plus a DNA dye for cell cycle and quantitative detection of PD-L1 expression in non-small cell lung cancer tissue. Single cell preparations from tumor tissue are first prepared using IncellPrep (IVD) Single Cell Tissue Kit then processed using the OncoTect iO kit. PD-L1 is quantified on immune and tumor cells, including tumor cells in different phases of the cell cycle, using flow cytometry.

The kit can be used on numerous samples types including FNA, core biopsies, and blood and numerous different tumor types including lung, bladder, and head/neck cancers.

“This objective quantitation of PD-L1 expression in tumor and immune cells in NSCLC may allow for better prediction of patient response to the new PD-1 immunotherapies within a workflow that is suited for primary indications where the initial diagnosis may be made using several approaches to sampling the tumor. Further, the entire assay can be done the same day as the sample is taken using automation,” Bruce Patterson, MD, CEO of IncellDx, said in a company statement.

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