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Roche launches tissue dissection instrument

Aug. 15, 2017Roche’s Avenio Millisect System, a tissue dissection instrument that utilizes an automated digitally assisted process to isolate clinically relevant cells from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue slides, is available in the United States and countries accepting the CE mark. The system aims to address the challenges of current tissue dissection practice in the clinical lab in which manual dissection lacks consistency and precision and laser capture microscopy is cumbersome and costly.

In a study published in Cancer Genetics (Geiersbach K, et al. 2016;209:42–49), sequencing samples prepared with the Avenio Millisect System identified mutations from seven out of 32 (22 percent) pancreatic cancer tissue samples that were otherwise missed by manual dissection. The study further suggests that the technology helped reduce false-negative results and case rejection rates associated with low tumor content, thereby enabling efficient use of precious tissue samples.

“We believe the Avenio Millisect System offers a much better means to dissect the component that is most relevant for diagnostic testing,” Bryan Lo, MD, PhD, director, Molecular Oncology Diagnostics Laboratory, Ottawa Hospital, Canada, said in a statement released by the company. “The Avenio Millisect System allows us to precisely isolate tumor component from our FFPE tissue specimens in a standardized efficient workflow.”

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