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Sarah Cannon, Genospace merger

Jan. 24, 2017Sarah Cannon, the cancer institute of Hospital Corporation of America, announced that Genospace, a cloud-based software company focused on advancing personalized medicine, will merge with its organization and become a wholly owned subsidiary. By joining forces, Sarah Cannon and Genospace will harness and use molecular profiling data to more effectively match cancer patients to cutting-edge therapies in clinical trials.

Genospace, which will remain based in Cambridge, Mass., is leading the development and enhancement of a cloud-based system that enables analysis of disparate data from clinical and laboratory sources across patient populations.

“Genospace’s innovative technology approach to understanding each patient’s cancer directly supports our strategic goal of personalizing care delivery,” Jonathan B. Perlin, MD, PhD, president of clinical services and chief medical officer at Hospital Corporation of America, said in a company statement. “By tailoring treatments based on the unique genetic make-up of a patient’s cancer, we can more effectively treat the disease.”

Through the collaboration, the genomics data technology will be integrated into Sarah Cannon’s network of oncology programs across the United States and United Kingdom.

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