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SeraCare releases v2 NGS QC software

July 5, 2017SeraCare Life Sciences launched iQ NGS QC Management v2, data management software that supports whole-workflow data capture from sample preparation to variant calling along with associated reagent and operator data. The software enables laboratories to re-create their QC workflows, set up their critical quality control metrics in the software, and have the data imported automatically using the new iQ Connector API—all to provide real-time insights into performance.

With the data recorded, lab managers can review and assess run performance, determine run, pass, or fail status, and identify potential sources of assay drift that may cause problems in future runs. The software then generates a run QC report that can be used for audits or inspections to demonstrate the run’s performance in comparison to previous runs.

“IQ NGS QC Management has allowed us to track multiple QC metrics for each run, giving us new insights into how our assay is performing, and a higher level of confidence. It also makes it easy to demonstrate compliance and has reduced our audit preparation time,” Francine Blumental de Abreu, assistant director, Laboratory for Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technology of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, said in a statement. “Our technologists are no longer spending hours manually tracking metrics on spreadsheets, and all the data we need to troubleshoot our assay is right at our fingertips.”

“The updates that we’ve made to iQ NGS QC Management further simplify QC data management and analysis for clinical genomics laboratories. The software now integrates with existing data systems like Illumina Basespace and LIMS, so from extraction to variant calling, all of the critical data are automatically populated,” Russell Garlick, PhD, chief scientific officer, SeraCare, said. “The greater functionality also enables labs to meet their QC signoff requirements for highly complex, multigene analysis with the quickest possible turnaround time.”

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