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Sysmex launches XN-L hematology analyzers

July 17, 2017Sysmex America launched its XN-L automated hematology analyzers in the United States. The smaller XN-L line delivers the same clinical and operational value known in its XN-Series to lower volume hematology laboratories. The XN-L analyzers will also be the first to feature BeyondCare Quality Monitor, a web-based quality control and calibration verification management program.

The XN-L analyzers offer a six-part differential, including immature granulocyte analysis on each sample, in a compact footprint. Optional software licenses for a reticulocyte channel to aid in anemia management and body fluid cell counts are also available with the XN-L line.

“With an XN-L analyzer, clinicians can rely upon the same expanded complete blood count (CBC) featured in our XN-Series analyzers to assess and monitor patients. This expanded CBC goes well beyond the 3-part differential that is currently available to most of the low volume segment today and can aid in the assessment of sepsis and other hematological disorders,” Andy Hay, chief operating officer, said in a statement.

BeyondCare Quality Monitor uses evidence-based quality control targets and peer group analytics to improve error detection and minimize false rejection of control results. The managed QC and calibration program has the potential to identify shifts and trends in QC weeks sooner than traditional methods. The BeyondCare program also has the ability to enable labs to participate more fully in improved patient care and outcomes, according to the company.

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