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How billing systems profit from analytics and automation

May 2017—The laboratory financial systems of yesteryear were built to deliver on a prime directive: achieve optimal, timely payment. Fast-forward to today and the overriding goal remains largely the same, but the means to the end has become more sophisticated, with billing/accounts receivable/revenue cycle management systems providing capabilities to recover outstanding payments, pinpoint reimbursement bottlenecks, and deliver a diverse range of data.

Clampdowns on out-of-network billing climb

June 2016—To the average reader, “out-of-network billing” might seem like a technical concept that should mainly concern hyperaware insurance wonks. Media outlets from NBC News to Time to the Huffington Post have found that phrases like “surprise medical bill,” “angry patients,” and sometimes “sticker shock” in recent stories are much more likely to grab attention.

Labs entering risky payment game in the new year

January 2015—This year will bring a host of regulatory, coding, billing, and payment changes that are going to challenge pathologists and laboratory administrators to move quickly or else face declining revenue and the grim specter of Medicare recovery audits. That was the somber consensus of three experts gathered for a December webinar hosted by The Dark Report.

Billing vendors adopt and adapt to boost clients’ revenue

May 2014—From federal requirements to voluntary standards to back-office activities and business tools, vendors of billing/AR/RCM systems share how they are helping their clients. Beginning on page 16 is CAP TODAY’s 2014 guide to lab billing/accounts receivable/revenue cycle management systems.