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More clarity over time for heart failure biomarkers

June 2016—Robert Christenson, PhD, a professor of pathology and of medical and research technology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, likens the U.S. mortality rate for myocardial infarction to three or four jumbo jets crashing daily. For heart failure, it’s about half that many deaths, “so maybe one and one-half jumbo jets,” Dr. Christenson said in a session on cardiac biomarkers at the CAP annual meeting last year.

Heart biopsy the first step on a complex path

May 2016—The stories are haunting: a young, seemingly healthy athlete collapses on the playing field and dies. For Joseph Maleszewski, MD, section head of cardiovascular pathology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., these deaths also seem sadly familiar, especially given his work with the NCAA on such cases. “Every community, it seems, has a story,” says Dr. Maleszewski, who is also associate professor, laboratory medicine and pathology, and associate professor, medicine. “A child died on the basketball court, on the football field, while running track. These young athlete deaths are not uncommon at all—or even young nonathlete deaths.”

For heart failure markers, what looks hopeful?

November 2015—Cardiologist James Januzzi Jr., MD, sounds like he could be running for political office. Are you going to settle for something different? Or is it time to demand something better?

Heart failure high-wire act

July 2013—After weeks of bewilderment, W. Frank Peacock, MD, finally solved the mystery of one of his so-called frequent fliers in the Emergency Department. At the time, Dr. Peacock was vice chair, Emergency Medicine, at the Cleveland Clinic. Every Monday morning, week after week, a local pastor would show up with symptoms of possible heart failure.

Twilight zone for CVD risk markers?

Times are tough all over. For the middle class, for newspapers, for François Hollande and his fellow French Socialists.

Consider adding cardiac risk markers to that list. Despite decades of research and clinical experience, the marker conversation—what to measure, how, in whom—has become more an endless loop than a solid lineup.