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Not fit to test: battling high hemolysis rates in the ED

August 2016—Poverty, unemployment, crime, dropout rates: In some categories, no community wants to be No. 1. And in some categories, no hospital wants to be No. 1 either. High on that list: hemolysis.

In C. diff and cardiac care, lab steps up decision support

July 2016—What’s the one way to win friends and influence people? If you’re Eugenio H. Zabaleta, PhD, the answer is simple: Reduce the number of stool samples nurses have to collect. A few years ago, Dr. Zabaleta, clinical chemist at OhioHealth Mans-field Hospital, introduced a clinical testing algorithm for C. difficile that cut the number of stool samples by almost 50 percent. “And the nurses are loooving me for it,” he says happily. “The joke is, when nursing and lab work together, there is literally less crap for everybody.”

RFID keeps lab’s supplies on hand, just in time

June 2015—Sharon Cox, MT(ASCP)SM, has a passion for the correct count. Charged with managing the laboratory supply inventory as core lab supervisor at Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa, Okla., she knows the right tally matters. Get it wrong and the lab can wind up with too little of what is needed. That can mean big overnight shipping charges when things run out unexpectedly. To avoid that outcome, the lab may order more supply than necessary, which leads to a different kind of problem.

Where smart labs go when the money’s gone

August 2014—Payment rates declining. Bad debt rising. Test orders falling. Diagnostic equipment manufacturers checking in on test-volume commitments. A wrenching transition from fee-for-service care to population-based medicine. These are a few of the trends that laboratories across the country are seeing and that keep lab directors up at night, heavy lidded, checking their email, illuminated by the glow of their smartphones.

For labs, opportunity knocks as wallets close

August 2013—Robert L. Michel doesn’t claim to have all the answers to all the problems laboratory medicine now faces. But as editor-in-chief of The Dark Report, the industry intelligence publication, he knows what those problems are chapter and verse. He also sees where future problems lie.