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Articles tagged with: Laboratory consolidation/mergers/sales (see also Joint ventures) –

Ownership remix as hospitals, national labs jockey for position

August 2017—In the game of Risk, dominating the board hinges not only on clever strategy but also on rolls of the dice. In the real-world game that is the enormous laboratory market, there is a parallel: Rationally calculating the profitability and risk of mergers or acquisitions is crucial, but many such business moves involve a gamble. Right now, the main thing the laboratory industry appears to be betting on is upheaval.

Outreach: Forge ahead or accept purchase bid?

July 2017—With the laboratory industry in flux—and many critical determinants of the next few years waiting on policy moves by the new administration and third-party payers—hospital outreach programs could wish for a better time to make existential decisions such as accepting an offer to be purchased.

All for one, one for all? Laboratory consolidation

June 2016—Consolidation among hospitals and laboratories can sometimes seem like too massive a tide for independent and hospital-based laboratories to effectively resist. What are the advantages that large size provides to a hospital system or national lab in a competitive marketplace? And will there be any space left in which smaller laboratories can survive?

Fresh options fuel lab asset reshuffle

May 2016—Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello), of Saturday Night Live fame, boiled college business class down to one principle in his satirical “Five Minute University”: You buy something; you sell it for more.

Case closed: discrepant results at multiple sites

October 2015—As hospitals are brought under single health systems, laboratory leaders are faced with the task of ensuring that their clinical lab results are comparable among various sites and instruments. But some have had more opportunity than most to investigate the mischief afforded by variations in instruments, reagents, and more.