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Clariom assays, 1/17

January 2017—Thermo Fisher Scientific’s two Clariom brand of assays, Clariom D Pico and Clariom S Pico, are designed primarily for translational researchers to accelerate the discovery and validation of complex biomarker signatures derived from coding and noncoding RNA across the whole transcriptome. Based on industry-leading microarray technology, the Clariom Pico assay designs include up-to-date content curated from a large number of public sequence databases, including RefSeq, Noncode, Ensembl, VEGA, lncRNAWiki, and RNA Central, among others.

PCR master mix, 11/16

November 2016—Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the Applied Biosystems TaqPath ProAmp PCR Master Mix. The mixes are developed for high-throughput genotyping and copy number variation protocols requiring accurate results from samples containing PCR inhibitors and are designed to deliver sensitive and reproducible results from genomic DNA targets.

Oncomine Universal Dx submitted for PMA

Nov. 14, 2016—Thermo Fisher Scientific has filed the final module of a premarket approval application with the Food and Drug …

Hydrocodone, Brahms PCT assays, 10/16

October 2016—Thermo Fisher Scientific exhibited its expanded offering of new assays, instruments, and software designed specifically for customers working in research and clinical settings. The Thermo Scientific DRI Hydrocodone assay detects hydrocodone in specimen samples and is FDA 510(k) cleared.

NGS assay, 9/16

September 2016—The Oncomine Lung Cell-Free DNA Assay from Thermo Fisher Scientific is designed to target mutations in non-small cell lung cancer samples derived from circulating cfDNA in blood.

Thermo trial design speeds OK for BRAHMS tests

Sept. 1, 2016—Thermo Fisher Scientific said it pioneered an innovative trial design that helped its license partners, Roche Diagnostics and …

Thermo offers NGS assay for liquid biopsy research

Aug. 30, 2016—Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Oncomine Lung Cell-Free DNA Assay, designed to target mutations in non-small cell …

Reverse transcriptase kit for RT-qPCR, 7/16

July 2016—Invitrogen SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix from Thermo Fisher Scientific is a cDNA reaction master mix designed for two-step quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) applications. The master mix format uses variable input, linear output technology and combines optimized buffer conditions with Invitrogen SuperScript IV reverse transcriptase.

2 autoimmune thyroid disease tests cleared

June 17, 2016—Thermo Fisher Scientific has received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for two EliA IgG tests …

Siemens, Thermo Fisher strategic relationship, 6/16

June 2016—In a joint effort to provide customers with an advanced solution for molecular testing, Siemens and Thermo Fisher Scientific announced a strategic relationship that includes the integration of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s real-time PCR system into Siemens’ Versant kPCR Molecular Solution.