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Articles tagged with: Thermo Fisher Scientific

DNA purification reagents, 2/18

February 2018—Thermo Fisher Scientific released its MagMax DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 reagents, which provide genetic testing companies, labs, and service providers with high-throughput DNA extraction from blood, saliva, buffy coat, and buccal swabs. The next-generation reagents can purify DNA from 96 samples in 45 minutes on Thermo Scientific KingFisher instruments using a simplified protocol for either small- or large-volume sample input.

IIlumina’s iSeq 100, Thermo Fisher agreement

Jan. 11, 2018—Illumina announced Tuesday the launch of its iSeq 100 Sequencing System, a next-generation sequencing system that aims to …

LabCorp, Cancer Genetics join Thermo Fisher program, 12/17

December 2017—LabCorp and Cancer Genetics have signed agreements with Thermo Fisher Scientific to join the Next-Generation Sequencing Companion Dx Center of Excellence Program. Each laboratory will participate in oncology-focused clinical trials in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and Thermo Fisher.

Cell washer, 11/17

November 2017—The CW3 Cell Washer, from Thermo Scientific, is an FDA-cleared, fully automated, high-performance cell washer designed to enable precise, thorough, reproducible, and rapid blood cell washing of up to 24 tubes in a three-minute run.

Thermo Scientific leakproof vials, 10/17

October 2017—Thermo Scientific Samco Clicktainer leakproof vials have been developed to provide sample protection and user safety by enabling correct cap application. The vials are designed for the secure collection and handling of fluid, solid, and powder samples, including urine, sputum, and stool specimens; the lid-lock design makes them ideal for the secure transport of clinical, research, and forensic samples.

Fully automated LC-MS/MS analyzer, 8/17

August 2017—Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced its Thermo Scientific Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer at EuroMedLab 2017 in Athens, Greece.

Thermo Fisher’s fully integrated lab analyzer

June 21, 2017—Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced its Thermo Scientific Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer at EuroMedLab 2017 in Athens, Greece. The …

Pan-ethnic solution for carrier status research, 6/17

June 2017—Thermo Fisher Scientific released its CarrierScan Assay, a high-throughput, microarray-based assay that provides molecular genetics laboratories with a consolidated and automated single pan-ethnic solution for expanded carrier status research.

Clariom assays, 1/17

January 2017—Thermo Fisher Scientific’s two Clariom brand of assays, Clariom D Pico and Clariom S Pico, are designed primarily for translational researchers to accelerate the discovery and validation of complex biomarker signatures derived from coding and noncoding RNA across the whole transcriptome. Based on industry-leading microarray technology, the Clariom Pico assay designs include up-to-date content curated from a large number of public sequence databases, including RefSeq, Noncode, Ensembl, VEGA, lncRNAWiki, and RNA Central, among others.

PCR master mix, 11/16

November 2016—Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the Applied Biosystems TaqPath ProAmp PCR Master Mix. The mixes are developed for high-throughput genotyping and copy number variation protocols requiring accurate results from samples containing PCR inhibitors and are designed to deliver sensitive and reproducible results from genomic DNA targets.