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BD Kiestra urine culture app

July 24, 2017Becton Dickinson announced new technology that can automatically report and release negative urine cultures. The BD Kiestra urine culture app, together with BD BBL plated media, uses digital imaging and software algorithms to determine the amount of growth on a urine culture plate from clean caught and catheterized samples. Using the BD Kiestra ReadA compact’s incubation and imaging device with high-throughput robotics to perform time series imaging, plates with no significant growth can be automatically released for disposal, and the results can be reported to the customer’s compatible laboratory information system. Plates with significant growth automatically go into a queue for clinician analysis. The definition of significant growth can be customized using patient demographics and lab-directed rules.

“As one of the first applications using image analysis software, the urine culture app begins the transformation of microbiology practices today,” Steve Conly, vice president of microbiology for BD, said in a company statement. “Being able to automatically release urine specimens with no growth or no significant growth will allow laboratories to focus on more relevant clinical tasks. BD is committed to helping improve laboratory efficiency and patient management through innovation and automated intervention.”

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