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AP-LIS vendors talk reports, interfaces, protocols

February 2018—Customer demand, cancer protocols, and consolidation of pathology practices are some of what CAP TODAY asked about when it spoke in January with four anatomic pathology computer system companies. Their AP systems and those of 17 other companies are profiled in the anatomic pathology computer systems interactive product guide. “It’s a really good time for our market right now,” says Joe Nollar of Xifin, “and systems providers need to be creative in helping their clients get the solutions they need to be scalable, competitive, and profitable.” Here is more of what they told writer Anne Ford.

Book review: ‘Resource of choice’ for quality management in AP

February 2017—“Quality management” is the practice of continually evaluating, identifying, and improving the diagnostic process. It refers not only to retrospective action taken after mistakes have been made but also to evaluating near misses and opportunities for improvement in every facet of practice.

‘Brave’ new book—AP quality management for everyone

January 2017—What does it take to produce and edit the first book on AP quality management that the CAP has published in more than a decade? A diverse network of experts, a commitment to comprehensive quality assurance, and, says co-editor Qihui “Jim” Zhai, MD, a bit of bravery.

With AP systems, sharing (data) is caring—and a trend

February 2014—Call it the “Huh?” heard ’round the world: Just last month, Google spent $3.2 billion to acquire Nest Labs, a manufacturer of thermostats and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. As Brandon Willis, director of technology at Pathagility, puts it, “Who knew Google would want a company that makes home thermostats?”