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Articles tagged with: Illumina

NextSeq 550Dx NGS system, 2/18

February 2018—Illumina introduced its NextSeq 550Dx instrument, the company’s second FDA-regulated and CE-IVD-marked next-generation-sequencing system. Illumina also announced that the intended use for the MiSeqDx instrument now includes the use of DNA libraries generated from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues.

IIlumina’s iSeq 100, Thermo Fisher agreement

Jan. 11, 2018—Illumina announced Tuesday the launch of its iSeq 100 Sequencing System, a next-generation sequencing system that aims to …

Whole genome sequencing library prep kit, 12/17

December 2017—Illumina announced the availability of a whole genome sequencing library prep product, Nextera DNA Flex. The kit enables direct input of blood and saliva samples, eliminating the need for ancillary equipment and reagents to extract DNA and quantify sample concentration prior to sequencing. It also removes steps in the library prep workflow, such as mechanical fragmentation of DNA, quantification, and normalization.

Illumina introduces NextSeq 550Dx NGS system

Nov. 16, 2017—Illumina introduced its NextSeq 550Dx instrument, the company’s second FDA-regulated and CE-IVD marked next-generation sequencing system….

First cancer CDx for Illumina

July 12, 2017—Illumina announced its Extended RAS Panel, an FDA-approved next-generation sequencing kit that meets the published guidelines for evaluation …

Genomic sequencing solutions, 3/17

March 2017—Illumina unveiled the NovaSeq series and announced the launch of the Illumina Bio-Rad Single-Cell Sequencing Solution at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in January.

Philips, Illumina to offer genomics solutions

Jan. 16, 2017—Royal Philips and Illumina announced a strategic collaboration that aims to integrate Illumina’s sequencing systems for large-scale analysis …

ArcherDx forms NGS partnerships

June 9, 2016—ArcherDx has announced two agreements related to its work in next-generation sequencing.

Under terms of an agreement with Illumina, …

Illumina acquires Conexio Genomics, 4/16

April 2016—Illumina has acquired Conexio Genomics, based in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Bio-Rad, Illumina partnership, 3/16

March 2016—Bio-Rad Laboratories and Illumina announced an exclusive partnership to develop a comprehensive next-generation sequencing workflow for single-cell analysis. The end-to-end commercial solution will enable high-throughput sequencing of thousands of individual cells.