Twists and turns in biomarker exploration

“There’s no standardization for cell-free DNA extraction, preparation, and storage,” says Dr. Martin Fleisher. “That’s a major failing. “That’s a major failing. Everybody has their own little method, which is not good.”

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Dr. Martin Fleisher

Carbapenem resistance:
advice from the frontline

“When there’s a carbapenem-resistant organism,” says Eileen Burd, PhD, “we use the Modified Hodge test to confirm.” Positive organisms are flagged in the computer to alert infection prevention staff and nurses on the floor to take proper precautions.

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Eileen Burd, PhD

Checklists 2015: signposts are clarity, consistency

The broadest changes this year involve quality terminology, says Gerald Hoeltge, MD, checklist commissioner and a member of the Checklists Committee. These revisions are a work in progress, but in this round they led to hundreds of changes in wording to make the use of important terms more precise and more consistent.

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Gerald Hoeltge, MD

Superbugs on scopes: how UCLA lab found the outbreak

Dr. Romney Humphries: “The carbapenemase that was present was an OXA-232,” which had been reported only once before in the U.S. “We really didn’t expect to find this,” she says.

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Hal Weiner

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