MALDI in microbiology:
Set to stun?

Dr. Margie Morgan with Jonathan Grein, MD, infectious disease specialist and associate director of hospital epidemiology at Cedars-Sinai. With its MALDI-TOF, the microbiology lab has seen an 18-hour decrease in the time for reporting identification of enteric Gram-negative rods.

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Dr. Margie Morgan with Jonathan Grein, MD

QC for accreditation:
CMS validation inspections

Quality control is second nature and part of the air that laboratories breathe. So it’s no surprise that QC should be subject to quality checks of its own, as one of the pivotal checklist areas that CAP’s Laboratory Accreditation Program focuses on during inspections.

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Michael Datto, MD, PhD

Laying worries to rest over
breast biopsy discord

With the regularity of a pension fiscal crisis they appear: one study or another, in various journals, pointing out discrepancies in pathology findings. Editorials appear, the news jumps to the lay press, and suddenly the conversation feels hijacked. The latest such study was published in JAMA in March. Participants interpreted 240 cases of breast biopsies (one slide/case).

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Kenneth Bloom, MD

Labs solve price, space squeeze to welcome TLA

From left: Irene Dusich and microbiology laboratory staffers Emmylou Dela Cruz, Becky Lindgren, Steve Diederich, Ivy Villa, and April Victor formed the key user group that helped NorthShore University HealthSystem go live with the BD Kiestra TLA system late last year.

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May 2015 Issue

MALDI in microbiology: Set to stun? | QC for accreditation: CMS validation inspections | Laying worries to rest over breast biopsy discord

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ATHENA trial—an interview with Thomas Lorey, MD

The Food and Drug Administration on April 24 approved use of the Roche Cobas HPV test as a primary standalone screen for cervical cancer in women 25 and older. For a discussion of the ATHENA data on which the FDA based its decision, see Dr. Check’s June story “Data spark new directions in cervical cancer.”

Archives: HPV primary screening for cervial cancer—an interview with Ritu Nayar, MD.

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