IQCP worries? Help with what ends and begins

Every lab accredited by the CAP has the expertise to do a risk assessment, Dr. Gerald Hoeltge says. “But now that risk assessment will have a structure and a table behind it.”

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Gerald A. Hoeltge, MD

Business analytics insight
within easy reach

Now, says Hal Weiner of Weiner Consulting Services LLC, in Eugene, Ore., “new tools have been developed by third-party vendors to make it much easier for labs themselves to create their own dashboards, their own queries, and their own monitoring tools.”

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Hal Weiner

In genetics, stay open
to the unexpected

When Uta Francke, MD, received the Association for Molecular Pathology Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics at the 2014 AMP meeting, she titled her lecture “Adventures in Disease Gene Identification and Characterization of Mutations.”

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Uta Francke, MD

New lab, new efficiencies: doors open at Geisinger

A view of the new laboratory building. “I think we have actually achieved the ideal in terms of efficiency,” says Dr. Schuerch (left), with Dr. Wilkerson.

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Dr. Schuerch (left), with Dr. Wilkerson

July 2015 Issue

IQCP worries? Help with what ends and begins | Business analytics insight within easy reach | In genetics, stay open to the unexpected

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ATHENA trial—an interview with Thomas Lorey, MD

The Food and Drug Administration on April 24 approved use of the Roche Cobas HPV test as a primary standalone screen for cervical cancer in women 25 and older. For a discussion of the ATHENA data on which the FDA based its decision, see Dr. Check’s June story “Data spark new directions in cervical cancer.”

Archives: HPV primary screening for cervial cancer—an interview with Ritu Nayar, MD.

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What’s in store for POC testing

July 31, 2015—A new white paper and webinar offered by Orchard Software outline the factors shaping the point-of-care testing market, the benefits and challenges POC tests offer for labs, and the potential for harnessing data from POC tests for use in analytics. Read the white paper. Register for the Aug. 18 webinar.

Labs need to evolve at the speed of healthcare

This editorial is brought to you through Roche’s Lab Leaders initiative.

AMP sees bright future for liquid biopsy

May 20, 2015—The Association for Molecular Pathology recently published a special article that provides a thorough overview of research to date on the minimally invasive “liquid biopsy” approaches to cancer diagnostics. Read it.

How breath tests can diagnose liver diseases

May 20, 2015—In a recent interview, Exalenz Bioscience CEO Larry Cohen discussed his company’s innovations in testing for H. Pylori and clinically significant portal hypertension with its BreathID test. Read it.

Primer for patients on breast biopsies

April 9, 2015—In a recent video, pathologist Michael J. Misialek, MD, offered some clinical practice insights geared to patients concerned about the recent JAMA study on the accuracy of breast biopsies. Watch.

Roundtable discussions 2015:
The future of the lab in health care

April 6, 2015—In a collaborative effort to discuss the future of the laboratory in healthcare, Bob McGonnagle, Publisher of CAP Today, gathered with Orchard Software executives for a series of “round table discussions” on various topics surrounding the laboratory, informatics, analytics, and the future of healthcare. Listen now.

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