Clampdowns on out-of-network billing climb

“We don’t particularly want or choose to be out of network, but as the insurers’ networks have narrowed, we find ourselves out,” says A. Joe Saad, MD, chair of pathology at Methodist Health System in Dallas and chair of the CAP Federal and State Affairs Committee.

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Dr. A. Joe Saad

Glucose PT criteria reset
stirs standards debate

In both the laboratory and clinical arenas, there is occasional confusion about the differing standards for home meters and hospital meters, says Chemistry Resource Committee member David Sacks, MB, ChB, FRCPath, chief of the clinical chemistry service for the National Institutes of Health Department of Laboratory Medicine, adjunct professor of medicine at Georgetown University, and clinical professor of pathology at George Washington University.

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Dr. David Sacks

Finding the fast track
with ’14 HIV algorithm

The 2014 algorithm recommended that the Western blot be replaced with an assay that differentiates antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2. By 2015, the number of laboratories using the Western blot had dropped to 10 of 74 responding labs that were doing HIV testing at the time of the survey. “We don’t know why those 10 are still doing it,” says Michael Pentella, PhD, D(ABMM), director of the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory.

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Dr. Michael Pentella

More clarity over time for
heart failure biomarkers

Of the natriuretic peptides in general, Robert Christenson, PhD, a professor of pathology and of medical and research technology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said at the CAP annual meeting last year, they “aren’t specific for heart failure by a long shot, but they are released in a setting of hemodynamic stress.” As of today, for diagnosis of heart failure, the differences between BNP and NT-proBNP are “dwarfed by the similarities.”

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Dr. Robert Christenson

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» Clampdowns on out-of-network billing climb
» Glucose PT criteria reset stirs standards debate
» Finding the fast track with ’14 HIV algorithm
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