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AMP’s guideline for sequence variants in cancer

Dec. 19, 2016—The Association for Molecular Pathology published guideline recommendations for clinical laboratory professionals and oncologists that assess the status …

AMP issues molecular Dx clinical utility standards

Aug. 26, 2016—The Association for Molecular Pathology has published a report that addresses the challenges in defining the clinical utility …

AMP pitches CLIA ‘modernization’ to govern LDTs

Aug. 12, 2015—The Association for Molecular Pathology recently announced its recommendations for modernization of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment …

AMP paper supportive of liquid biopsies

May 22, 2015—The Association for Molecular Pathology recently published a special article that provides a thorough overview of research to …

Molecular assays in HIV-1 Dx and therapeutic monitoring

May 2014—CAP TODAY and the Association for Molecular Pathology have teamed up to bring molecular case reports to CAP TODAY readers. Here, this month, is the fourth such case. (See the February, August, and September 2013 issues for the first three.) AMP members write the reports using clinical cases from their own practices that show molecular testing’s important role in diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and more. Case report No. 4 comes from the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.