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Roche offers tumor board software solution

Oct. 18, 2017—Roche launched the Navify Tumor Board solution, a clinical workflow and decision support software that optimizes decision-making for …

Qiagen, Centogene join forces on rare disease testing

Oct. 17, 2017—Qiagen and Centogene announced a collaboration and comarketing agreement to provide customers more complete sample-to-insight …

Study on human vaginal epithelial development

Oct. 16, 2017—The embryological origin of the human vagina has remained contested for more than 80 years. In a new …

Sysmex introduces CyFlow Antibodies

Oct. 13, 2017—Sysmex America announced the introduction of CyFlow Antibodies, a comprehensive portfolio of analyte specific reagent antibodies for use …

FDA clears Panther Fusion Flu A/B/RSV assay

Oct. 12, 2017—Hologic has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its Panther Fusion Flu A/B/RSV assay for use on …

FDA OKs test for screening Zika in donated blood

Oct. 10, 2017—The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved on Oct. 5 Roche’s Cobas Zika test for use on the …

Abbott closes deal on Alere

Oct. 9, 2017—Abbott successfully completed its purchase of Alere on Oct. 3. The deal originally began in February 2016, when …

FDA clears Alere i Influenza A & B 2 test

Oct. 9, 2017—Alere announced that its Alere i Influenza A & B 2 test has received 510(k) marketing clearance from …

Roche to initiate testing for babesia parasite

Oct. 6, 2017—Roche announced immediate plans to initiate screening of blood samples with the Cobas Babesia test under an FDA …

Binding Site varicella zoster virus antigens

Oct. 2, 2017—Binding Site’s Immunologicals Group has added two varicella zoster virus antigens to its line of products for in …